Birling Women

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Paragraph 1 I am is going to examine the similarities and differences the depiction of the women in these two works. Paragraph 2 There is a contrast between the two works in terms of the numbers of the women involved. In Mice and Men there is just one isolated women unhappy with her husband coping with life on the ranch by flirting with the ranch hands. However, Mrs Birling and Sheila as well as the maid Edna are part of a home where women are interacting with each other .The mother and daughter obviously have a good regard for each other and at least Edna is treated politely. Paragraph 3 Another difference can be seen In Steinbeck’s work the woman suspects her mother may have destroyed the letter that may have introduced her to the cinema but this is nothing to the appalling way Eva/Daisy is treated by the Birling women. Paragraph 4 On the other hand what is comparable is that Curly 's wife, despite the suspicions mentioned in the previous paragraph has been let down by the man who promised her a film part and that dream has been crushed. On top of this she now married to an unpleasant violent man. Eva/Daisy who is the centre of the investigation has also been treated shocking by men. Mr Birling fires her just for asking for better pay and in her time of need she is seduced firstly by Gerald and then by Eric.…show more content…
We can also contrast these wrong moral attitudes with Eva/Daisy’s refusal took take the money Eric stole from his father 's firm which shows a character of quality.

Paragraph 8 Both Curly 's wife and Daisy/Eva die but the first is just through a terrible accident but the second was forced on her by the behaviour of those who could have helped her and therefore bear the infinitely greater guilt.

Conclusion the above paragraphs show that there are some aspects of these two texts regarding women which are the same but others are very
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