Comparison: A Hollywood Icon: Marilyn Monroe

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She has one of most recognized faces. Over fifty years after Marilyn Monroe’s death she is still memorable. Everyone knew this woman, but did everyone know why Norma Jeane Mortenson was famous? She is a Hollywood icon, she could even be considered a legend. Marilyn Monroe affected young women in society by making certain things more socially acceptable, showing not all women need to be super thin to be attractive, and allowing them to see that dreams can come true. Marilyn Monroe first real name was Norma Jeane Mortenson. She was a girl who was neglected by her ill mother. Norma Jeane first started out as a model even though she was not a size zero. Men still desired her looks and this made other girls think that they do not have to be super…show more content…
In 1901, she met up with a movie productor named Ben Lyon who would help her get into the cinematography. In the late 1940’s, Marilyn got an offer for a contract with the 20th Century Fox.(Astrum People) Marilyn and Ben made the “dumb blonde” character for Marilyn to play in his film. Before Marilyn starred in this film she had many plastic surgeries. First filming she done for Ben, she did supporting roles meaning she did not talk. (Meyers) Many oscars were won by Marilyn Monroe. The award that she won identical to an oscar was the France’s Crystal Star.(Guider) She also won Golden Globes and one for the best actress in a comedy. Marilyn was a star who gave more of her and money to charities and orphanages. (Meyers) The media had a different view on her than the people did. The media claimed her just as a pretty icon. The media viewed her this way because she played almost every role as a “dumb blonde”.…show more content…
She was suspended in nineteen fifty-four for not appearing on set for the film “Pink TIghts”.(Gruhn) Once she was suspended, they refused to let her look at the script. Marilyn was not very happy with this turn out. She thought because of who she was, she deserved to view the script.(Gran) When Marilyn perform for troops in Korea, other women singers were inspired to sing and entertain troops. Many fans were upset because when she got back from Korea there was a break before her new film. The next film did not get recorded until nineteen fifty-eight when her fans went
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