Comparison: Abe Lincoln And Solar Fire

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To replicate the situation where Abe Lincoln and Solar Fire produce an offspring with all the desired traits, however, would involve numerous factors. Firstly, it would rely on the desired alleles of each desired trait being dominant over the non-desired trait. In doing so, incomplete or codominance would have to be factored out. Furthermore, the only way to reliably create the ideal tomato hybrid would have to be if each trait was crossed with the corresponding parent’s trait in a monohybrid cross and independent of each other. If farmer Tom could manage to tie all the variables together, constantly pairing the tomatoes over and over again, he would be able to create the desired tomato.
Likewise, even if two tomatoes capable of producing the
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For instance, it states, “Tom chose a combination in which all four traits should be present, not all of the hybrid offspring produced has the desired traits.” To reiterate, developing the desired tomato was based entirely on the notion that the corresponding, desired allele was always going to be dominant to the other. However, the traits could very well be the opposite. For instance, Abe Lincoln has nematode-resistance, but Solar Fire does not. Previous crosses entailed nematode resistance being dominant over no nematode-resistance. On the contrary, no nematode-resistance could be dominant over having the nematode-resistance trait. As a result, potential offspring would have opposite traits, where the least desired trait prioritized over the desired trait. Even then, not all breeding follows the complete dominance pattern. Since tomatoes…show more content…
In picking the two tomato varieties, the biological advantages would favor producing the desired offspring. Furthermore, the genetics preceding the cross would favor a desired outcome, as the traits involved have a high probability of appearing in the offspring. Crossing two tomatoes that already have advantageous traits respectively, would yield an offspring that would also carry such advantageous

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