Comparison: Amazon And Blue Apron

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Amazon is evidently eyeing the meal kit service. As a clue, Amazon has applied for a trademark on 6th July. The trademark is "We do the prep. You be the chef". The application describes the service as similar to other meal kit service providers. In which, ready to cook meal ingredients are delivered in a package. The services will resemble what Blue Apron is doing right now. Last month Amazon announced its plans to buy supermarket chain Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. Amazon also operates Amazon Fresh in the US for grocery delivery since 2007. Moreover, Amazon Go is a physical store for the grocery that is on a trial in the state of Seattle without check-out counters or lines. The trademark submitted by Amazon, states that the meal kits will provide frozen and prepared packaged meal food items. Moreover, it will contain everything from seafood to meat and vegetables. Season related varieties of food items. Besides this, it will consist of mainly the grains, noodles, rice, bakery and pasta.…show more content…
This will add points to the account of the frequent purchasers. At present, Blue Apron is the biggest supplier of meal kits in the United States. However, after the news of Amazon 's meal kit plans came to light, the shares of Blue Apron has taken a hit. On the day of the news release, the Blue Apron hit an all time low of less than $7 mark. Amazon is yet to conquer the groceries segment. Once it makes its entry in this category it will effectively be selling all things under the Sun, to the consumers. Over several years of planning and acquisitions, Amazon has made its intentions clear. Meal kits were the next natural step for Amazon after acquiring Whole
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