Comparison And Contrast Essay: Marching Band Vs. Football

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“Marching Band v.s. Football”
Marching band and football have a lot more in common than people realize. Most individuals do not take this into consideration, they favor one over the other in most cases, unless you have children or friends that are involved in both. The two encourage each other, when the marching band plays it really can spark an energy unspoken into the football players; thus, when the football team makes a good play, this can really be beneficial when getting a band to be interested in the game. Together, both activities bring out the best in each other, though, they do have their differences as well. One of the first visibal and obvious differences between the marching band and the football team is the equipment each uses. There are a variety of instruments used in a marching band, from horns to drums, in football, there is only one ball. They also differ greatly in uniform appearance. Football requires a helmet, shoulder pads, cleats, jerseys, and all other necessary required uniform pieces in order to play football. Where as a marching band’s apparel is very showman-like with extravigant hats, gloves, tops, and shoes; however, there is one thing that these uniforms have in common, and that is they both represent the school they attend in a tasteful, meaningful way. Crummett 2
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They may perform on the same field, but the positioning and movement are quite unique. If you were to look at a football playbook and a marching band score, or “playbook”, you would be able to recognize that each individual has a set place on the field. Marching bands are designed to flow in motion, when you watch a marching band you notice that they all follow each other with each and every step. On the other hand, football plays are designed to produce a motion that will lead to a touchdown, these movements are more straight to the point rather than long and drawn out like a marching
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