Comparison And Contrast Essay: The Tang Dynasties Of China

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The Tang dynasty was the dynasty that succeeded the Sui dynasty. This dynasty focused itself on population, manufacturing, and trade. The Tang dynasty’s main religion was Buddhism.
The Song dynasty the dynasty that succeeded the Tang dynasty. This dynasty practiced footbinding. The Song dynasty embraced Confucianism in their social order.
The Ministry of Rites were exams that were given to students of the government. The purpose of these exams were to put people in different social classes depending on their intellectual ability. Jinshi were people who pasted the Ministry of Rites.
Mahayana Buddhism was a version Buddhism. This kind of Buddhism was mainly different because it was the Chinese version of Buddhism. Mahayana Buddhism put emphasis on
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This kind of thinking focused social class more than anything. Neo Confucianism partially ruled the structure of lives of the people in China.
The Jurchens were a nomadic group of invaders. These invaders defeated the Liao dynasty. The Jurchens established a dynasty north of the Song dynasty.
Junks were a type of Chinese ship. These kind of ship featured a navigation system, weapons, and well designed bulkheads and rudders. Junks were essential to the trade market of China.
Flying money were credit vouchers. This kind of money was used as a reimbursement system in certain offices. Flying money made a merchant’s journey dangerous in China.
Hangzhou was the capital of the Song dynasty. The capital featured bridges, canals, and an air of sophistication. Hangzhou was one of China’s urban centers.
Xuanzang was Buddhist monk. The monk traveled to India, visiting places that Buddha was connected to. Xuanzang spend a large portion of his life translating Buddhist scriptures, some that were Mahayana.
Champa rice was a strong rice plant. This kind of rice was fast growing and drought resistant. Champa rice grew by the Yangtze River, where the Song dynasty was

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