Comparison And Contrast Perkins-Gough And Debroah

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From the way we look, to our personalities; my mom and I are the same yet different. Our personalities do differ in ways, but we constantly get told how much we are alike. “Grit is not just having resilience in the face of failure, but also having deep commitments.” (qtd. in Perkins-Gough and Debroah). My mom and I are similar in more ways than one, but one specific trait we do have in common is “grit. My mother is a very passionate person for many things in her life; from her job, to her family. She always goes above and beyond for her family, and makes sure we are all good at the end of the day. She is very passionate about her job, she loves being an educator and teaching art. I too am very when it comes to things that have a great effect on me. I always put my dog before everything. I will always do everything to make sure my loved ones are great. I am very passionate about my job, because I love working with kids. My mother has showed she is a hard worker in more ways than one. My mom went back to school, while still working her full time job. Even then she would always make sure we had everything and anything we needed, even though her school was over an hour and a half away from where we live. She also has a business that she does on top of her full time job. My mom stays up very late to make sure everything for her two…show more content…
She has always fought for what she believes in. And she never gives up, no matter what comes her way. She is also a very fearless person, and she’s showed that in multiple ways. I am also courageous. I will always fight for what I believe in, even if I’m wrong; and because I am very out spoken that has helped me too. I never give up, no matter how tough things will get. I am also very fearless, and the fact that I am very outspoken helps me. I will always stand my ground and I will never let anyone walk all over me. My mom and I are both courageous

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