Alfred Hitchcock The Birds Analysis

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The Comparison and Contrasts of Two Literature Sources Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 film of the birds generates a larger impact on the audience and is more accurate and worthy of being considered a genre of horror media than Daphne Du Maurier’s short story of the same name. With the movie being a visual, you can see the pain and the hard time characters had to face which makes it more relatable then a reading. The movie is about a town that experiences an insane attack from ruthless birds and the movie focuses on a specific family and how they had to overcome such a horrific situation. However, in the short story version The Birds, a family in England deals with multiple attacks of different species of birds. The short story doesn’t create an…show more content…
First of all, the setting in the novella written version took place in London, England which is a pretty big city. In the text it stated “Nat, it’s on the wireless. They’ve just read out a special news bulletin. It’s not only here, it’s everywhere. In London, all over the country. Something has happened to the birds. Come listen; they’re repeating it.” With the birds committing such random vicious attacks, being in a large environment gives us the reader the idea that there are many places to go and hide and that brings the feeling of safety which contradicts what the authors are trying to express. With the area being so big it causes the novella to be less scary and gives people reading a sense of hope. Secondly, the mood in the written version was pretty scary and frightening. But due to it being a text it causes us the readers to have to sort of interpret what is going on while reading the text. While the text can be describing the mood in a creepy way, the way we read and visualize things may be the total opposite as the text and it isn’t as powerful as us physically seeing the characters being harmed in a film and us the readers and authors being on the same page. For example the text stated “With each dive, with each attack, they became bolder. And they had no thought for themselves. When they dived low and…show more content…
In the film there was a scene where the birds attacked a small part of the town while many citizens where at a restaurant and nearly killed half of the towns people which supports the belief of the town being too small to survive the birds. With the arrival of the birds it causes such a good living environment to become a dangerous horror scene and with the city being so small there is nowhere to hide and take cover. Also, it makes it easy for thousands of birds to invade and take over their city. With there being nowhere to avoid the birds and isolate yourself from them it causes the situation to be impossible to overcome. With no one being able to find safety readers become worried and scared which is why this is reflective. The films gloomy and terrifying moods are portrayed and easily identified throughout the film. There was a time in the movie where there were literally thousands of birds that filled the sky that caused it to darken outside and totally penetrates us the readers and the characters hearts with extreme fear. Seeing how outnumbered the characters where dramatically impacted the atmosphere. This scene was so reflective due to the characters facial expressions and how during this same scene one of the main characters mothers began to freak out. That proves with her becoming broken to a point where she flipping out
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