Similarities Between Snowball And Napoleon In Animal Farm

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Whether people want or not, a leader/leaders are necessary to a society. Throughout history and around the world, there have been a number of leaders. When looking back on history, some are successful and others are total failure. However, it is not easy to divide leaders into good ones and bad ones. The judgement on leaders differ depending on from whom perspective we see the leader. In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, there are two totally different types of leaders, Snowball and Napoleon. In the end, Napoleon, rather than Snowball, is thought as a leader. Although Napoleon is drawn as a self-centred, tyrannical leader, he is an effective one and has a great impact on animals. Napoleon has no interests towards the Animal Farm but only his power over it. Unlike Snowball who fought against Jones bravely, Napoleon did nothing to protect the Animal Farm. Napoleon is “not much of a talker” (35) and only contributes a little during the Meeting. Napoleon is not interested in Rebellion or fighting as long as he has power over the Animal Farm but only thinks about his benefits. After the first Rebellion, Napoleon acts as if he cares about others, saying “the harvest is more important” (44) and they should “never mind the milk” (44) when in real, he tries to divert their attentions from milk in order to steal it for himself. Also, in order to concentrate power and benefits to himself,…show more content…
He gains power well and uses it to control not only animals’ physical actions but also emotion, making them think they are happy. I believe that the dictatorship continues forever. After a while, some animals that are a little smarter than others will realise Napoleon is dictating them and start the Rebellion again only to always come back to exact same
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