Comparison 'And The Movie Jurassic World'

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Monstrous Comparison Essay The novel Jurassic park and the movie “Jurassic World” are similar in many ways. The movie has taken a lot of ideas from the novel. For example, the theme Power of Nature is constantly shown. The characters are like each other in many ways they have the same characteristics. They tried to do the same thing again by making something they can’t control. The monstrosity is the same in both of them. Both the animals and the humans are equally monstrous. The theme Folly of Greed is shown a lot throughout the movie. First, when they make the new dinosaur they did not stop and think whether or not they could handle the dinosaur. They only cared about getting more money and attracting more people to the park. They wanted something bigger, scarier, and more monstrous. Just like Hammond did in Jurassic Park. Hammond he…show more content…
For example, they do not think of they are animals that have feelings. They only think of them as weapons, entertainment, or money making machines. They want to put them in danger by using them as weapons. Haskins did not care that the raptors might get hurt he just wanted to use them kill people. When they ran away he blew them up without a second thought. Everyone wanted them for their own benefit. No one thought about their emotions they only wanted to use them for their own good. The humans in “Jurassic park” were probable more monstrous than the dinosaurs. The protagonists in the novel and movie, Grant and Owen, are very similar. They both know that the animals cannot be controlled. They both think that they should not experiment with stuff they don’t know about. Owen and Grant also knew about the behaviors of the animals. However, they were different in some ways as well. While Owen wanted the park to grow Grant thought that the park should be shut down. Owen could communicate with the animals while grant could not. In the end the protagonists saved a lot of
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