Comparison: Annabel Lee By Edgar Allan Poe

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We have looked at two different sides of the poem, "Annabel Lee". We have heard the gloomy but soothing cry of the poem, by Edgar Allan Poe and the anger and tragic version by "Tiger Army". They both have similar words, but different meanings and effects from the audience. There are many differences of the two, but also a great amount of similarities. From the point of view of Poe and "Army" they both show emotions that they lose someone who they loved. From reading the poem and listening to the song, the audience can feel the emotion of both the poet and the artist. They both portrayed how Poe and "Army" was affected by the loss of Annabel. In both the poem and the song, they have the uses of imagery. While reading and listening to the…show more content…
Poe and "Army" may have loss someone known as Annabel, but the point of view of their poem and song was completely opposite. Poe's poem was based on the loss of a woman he was in loved with. As the audience reads his poem, he described his emotions in a depressed and sad manner. Poe made sure that the audience could tell between when he was sad or just remembering memories with Annabel. Poe portrayed that he was all alone in their happy place, but he is slowly letting her go. He'll still have his love towards Annabel, but he is moving on in his life. On the other hand, you have "Army's" view of "Annabel Lee." "Army" shows how affected he is about the loss of Annabel Lee, but he is saying that he is trapped in a trance to think about her nonstop. His tone in the song screams out to people that he still loves Annabel but it is driving him crazy thinking about her every day and night. "Army" states that she has him trapped and he is asking her to release him even though she is not alive. "Army" has a mentally thought that even though Annabel is dead, she has control on him. Instead of facing the facts and moving on with life, he is trying to accuse Annabel
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