Comparison: Anthem And Real Life

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Anthem Imagine living in a world where you have no control over who you are, or who you wanna be with. Being an individual is better because you get more control, more relationships with people, and less trouble. Now let 's move on to the reasons why each would be better as an individual. Fist, more control in anthem and real life. As an individual you will be able to have control of who you are and who you friends are, Just like in real life we get to have control over who we are and who we wanna hang out with. In Anthem they had no control of who they were. They were all together as brothers and in groups, and were either working, eating or in their cave that equality shared with his brothers. Next, let 's go back to the group thing I was talking about. In Anthem he had a work group he was always with, until he became an individual towards the end. In the real world we have always had a choice to be by yourself or whoever we want, like our parents stay with us throughout our whole life. Although in Anthem the kid never gets to see their real parents. Lastly, In Anthem Equality and Liberty end up living together and being an individual, and having control over what they wanted. Equality and Liberty are a lot happier when they get to be free and be…show more content…
Another is less trouble. You would be is less trouble when being with others. Like when Equality was going to the house of scholars liberty was hiding and following him. Liberty should be able to walk on the street with someone without being in trouble. We could do that any time of the night without getting into trouble, as long as we are being good. Next, Equality is thinking about liberty even though it is wrong too. Today people can think about whoever they want. There is nothing wrong with that. Lastly is with Liberty. Where they are it is against the law to be with someone of a different gender, but now a day we can hang out with any gender. See it is important to lighten up so people don 't get in that much
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