Comparison Between Baal And Pan Worship

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A mong the progression of gods and goddesses, various ones emerge into history with an overshadowing impact, melting Satan’s evil presence into numerous names and forms; appearing to make their worship indispensable. In antiquity, along with Pan, the god Baal steadily advances and becomes one of Satan’s foremost prized advocates. Baal worship became profuse throughout a great deal of the ancient Middle East. Prevalently, Baal often acquired other god’s identity, such as the horned Molech, well-known for child sacrifices depicted in the Babylonian seal impression presented here.

In addition, Moloch transpires as unfathomably referred to as a rebel angel, counted among the fallen angels. Conspicuously, in the majority of early societies Baal contains an extensive history of perverted sex that in due course, blended into Pan Worship. Mount Hermon occurred as one of the major centers for Baal/Pan worship, involving this brutality of human sacrifices. Principally, Baal is one of the main pagan gods in the Bible; the Hebrew people in the
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The name occurs frequently in all the Semitic languages; not as a ruler of men, but as a spiritual possessor, (like Pan) of certain things. It exists, for example, to mean the owner of a house, a field, and the like, transpiring not directly as ‘the lord’ of the worshipper; but, manifestly, as the proprietor and inhabitant of particular places, promoting a “spiritual presence” to possess its targeted area or person(s). Unequivocally, the scale of the rituals preformed for Baal essentially became extensive due to the limitless number of persons, places and things Baal could possess, within the countless towns, sanctuaries or places of worship and
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