Comparison Between China And Ming Dynasty

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Ming China and Mughal India were two great empires in the period of the 1600s.Both had cultural and technological advancements.And both were very different,yet both declined due to their political vulnerability which left them completely open to invasions by other countries.Their Government and society was very different.In both empires women were treated inferior.Both empires were advanced ,and both invented things that contributed to the way society works today.

The great empire of the Ming Dynasty in China can be observed when it rose during the 17th century.The Chinese were an advanced society and under the Ming rule became economically,politically and culturally strong.The Ming emperors had absolute power,and ruled through decrees given
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India had been invaded often,due to its fertile land,opportunities for trade and its wealth.This lead to a mixture of people,cultures,languages and religions in India.Most people in India were Hindu but the ruling class was Muslim.In 1526, the Mughal leader of the Muslim dynasty,Babur,invaded India.They conquered the local sultan and established their capital in Delhi.Over the following 150 years they extended their empire around India,while remaining dependant on the local rulers who remained in power by paying taxes to the Mughal emperor.Babur’s grandson,Akbar ruled from 1556 to 1605.He introduced an efficient government and encouraged trade.And the Hindu population accepted the Muslim leader due to his religious tolerance.He also ended the tax non-Muslims were made to pay.In Indian society men controlled political and economic power.However in the efficient society,women were considered inferior to men.Wives and mistresses of the wealthier classes were kept out of the public eye in harems.However not all harem women lived separately from men.They would fund poorer women who worked in the fields,and many funded the artistic achievements.And in the Hindu religion,female gods played important roles.Under the Mughal empire,trade increased and merchant communities grew.Indian goods were valued in Europe,which led to competition between European countries to dominate the trade.In the 1600s English merchants formed the English Indian company to trade in India,and set up trading

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