Comparison Between Prince Hamlet And Laertes

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Yesterday during the duel between Prince Hamlet and Laertes, many truths has come to light. Claudius, Gertrude, Laertes, and Hamlet is killed by poison. Before the duel, the king set the rule that if Prince Hamlet wins the first or second hit, he throw a valuable gem into a cup of wine, and give the wine to Prince Hamlet. It is confirmed that valuable gem was a poison, and he also poisoned the sword of Laertes. When the duel begins, Prince Hamlet did won the first hit, but Prince Hamlet decided not drink the wine because he wanted to stay focus on the duel. After Prince Hamlet striked Laertes again, Gertrude drunk the cup of wine to celebrate the victory. Claudius told her not to drink it, but she ignore the suggestion. Unfortunate Gertrude
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