Comparison Between Pygmalion And Cinderella

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If you heard about the Cinderella story and read George Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion”, you would know that both stories are similar in numerous ways but also different too. In Shaw’s Pygmalion which was taken place in London , the main character “Eliza” portrays Cinderella. Cinderella who lived in France, was a girl who was underappreciated and treated horribly by her stepmother and siblings. Both girls was poor in the beginning but the outcome made them rich Some ways that we can compare Eliza’s life to Cinderella’s are, not knowing anything about their real mother and the lack of morals the parental figure has, that both girls were poor and from the underclass who blossomed, they both had a fairy god-person as their mentor, they got out of the social nuisance they lived in, the social criticism and lastly both Eliza and Cinderella was dependent. Eliza’s and Cinderella’s mother had died when they both was really young, but in Cinderella’s case her father remarried and eventually died and was left with her step mother and step sisters and Eliza’s father abandoned her and only checks on her when he needs money. Cinderella’s stepmother is immoral because, she treated Cinderella like a slave rather than a child like her own children. She treated her with disrespect and like a stranger rather than a stepchild which is a horrible parental figure. Eliza’s father is immoral when it comes to showing her he cares about her and caring for her in general. In act

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