Comparison Between Summer And Summer

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Every summer has a story, and every winter comes with snow day memories. Some days I enjoy 100 degree weather at the lake. Other days I’m thankful It’s cold so I can wear an oversized sweater. Summer and winter have much in common but also have so many differences. Summer means “no school, no homework,” and it also comes with no alarms/deadlines. Summer is to relax and be stress free, to enjoy hobbies you’ve forgotten. I would rather enjoy 100 degree weather, with a sweating cold water in a mason jar than sitting in a class. My summer consists of multiply getaways to the lake and fun in the pool. One of the holidays of the summer is July 4th you can enjoy free fireworks at many places and not spend money. I enjoy shopping for summer clothes is the best, everything from cute sandals to maxi dresses. One of the best parts about summer is that “I’’ve been in the sun, no makeup type of feeling.” Summer comes with endless things to do, without having to worry about the roads or the sun going down at 5 pm. I can pretty much play any sport in the summer, as the weather after the sun goes down is still warm. However not everything about summer is good. Some days may get a little too hot to be outdoors, but on those days late night get togethers are a must. Just being able to walk around the Branson landing and enjoy the different shops and the fountains is always fun. The best part about summer is all the fruit that’s in season, like watermelon, strawberries, mangoes, and
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