Comparison Between 'Taronga And Neil Burger's Film'

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In what way is your appreciation of both texts enhanced by a comparative study? Discuss in relation to both Taronga and Divergent Dystopian literature is a fictional text where society itself is the antagonist. This genre explores the social and political structures that are obscured. Society’s characteristics are expressed through poverty, immorality and power. Society itself is working in contradiction to the protagonist’s aims and aspirations. The responder can develop a superior knowledge of dystopian societies through the comparison of Victor Kelleher’s novel ‘Taronga’ and Neil burgers Film ‘Divergent’, as both can be perceived as instable tales. This reveals the destruction of society’s values by one individual; they are compelled to confront the brutality, fear, and misuse of power that results.…show more content…
The world beneath the perfect society that is portrayed as an illusion, is something that a character cannot realize until they choose and then confront what they have lost in the end or new beginning. This has been evolved through the comparison of Victor Keller’s novel ‘Taronga’ and Neil Burgers film ‘Divergent’. ‘Taronga’ has a society of fear that lives beneath the idea of finding hope within Taronga and living without fear behind the gates that lock in the ‘good memories’. People on the outside perceive this as something that is worthy until the gates are open to freedom and the only free will that is left is the values of the protagonist. The ‘Last Days’ is depicted as the end of a perfect society that was once simple; this is related through the dystopian fiction being portrayed as a microcosm. This is also shown through drastic and permanent damage to human civilization, which results in citizens having a fear of the outside world, this is represented in ‘Taronga’ when Ben lives off the idea of having
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