Comparison Between 'The Outsiders And Nothing Gold Can Stay'

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Title Did you ever know how to carefully exam the elements in a piece of literatures and comparing them together? Well today we are go to compare a poem and a novel together, here’s a novel called “The Outsiders” and a poem called “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” The Outsiders talks about a teen gang that gets into a fight and ends in a death of a social member. Some of the teens get into content with their violent lives and Some of the teens dies. Some of the teens like Ponyboy Curtis think that they are not part of a group and think that they are an outsider. In the “Nothing Gold Can Stay” it talks about a poem how life isn 't always perfect and a smile on your face like if there is always no trouble, sometimes you think that life will always…show more content…
Another way they compare each other is there is always tomorrow you might make tomorrow wonderful or you might improve the things that you did yesterday to make this day much better than yesterday or it might get worse, but you will learn each day about your mistakes and it might not be you making the mistakes it might be people that you are hanging around with or someone that’s around you. In “Nothing gold can stay “ it states “dawn goes down today” and what I think what that means is that today was a day that was something out there tomorrow will be more extraordinary. In “Outsiders” it states that “Ponyboy and two gang members went to a drive in movie” I thought that this was one of the quotes that I found because yesterday ponyboy got beat up and today for him was the next day and he went to a move with his two gang and I thought that that was a good idea because he learned his lesson that he will never see those people or hang out in that area that he went yesterday and this is compared to the poem because ponyboy because Ponyboy went to the movies to make his day not to be a problem and go to the movie. In conclusion there is always tomorrow life isn 't always going to be spent in one day, maybe tomorrow you improve things, avoid people that are not that good, or maybe
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