Comparison Between The Tibetan Nationality And The Hmong

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Comparison between the Tibetan nationality and the Hmong With the tendency of globalization, the entire world has become more familiar with each other in plenty aspects.. Almost all the countries try to learn some advanced knowledge and technology which is originate from other districts to help their own country to become stronger and more prosperous. However, all of them are not completely the same. They all have their own civilizations. Different societies rely on different lifestyles to exist. This phenomenon is also presented among different nations, such as the Tibetan nationality and the Hmong. Comparing to the location of the Tibetan nationality and the Hmong, some of their distribution places are a little same. But, mostly are different. This is because that they have different back ground. The Hmong are living in a lot of different countries all over the world. A large amount of them are living in two parts of the entire world. Firstly, they live in China for a long time. According to its contribution situation, the feature of them is that the majority is dispersive and the small of them always live together. Another contribution position is Southeast Asia. The Hmong which live in the Southeast Asia use Swidden. They do not have a settled land. In addition, they plant a great number of opium poppy and they regularly migrate periodically. In Viet Nam, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar, the Hmong have some paddy fields, however, it is key to slash-and-burn cultivation of
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