Hilton Hotel Research Paper

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Hilton VS IHOP
Franchises are very popular companies that are in many places around the world. Hilton Hotels and Resorts and International House of Pancakes are both popular franchises worldwide. Hilton and IHOP are completely different types of franchises. Hilton is a hotel/resort and IHOP is a pancake restaurant. Hilton’s slogan is “Travel should take you places”. IHOP’s slogan is “Come hungry. Leave happy.” One reason why I choose Hilton as one of my franchises is that when I go on vacations I am usually in a Hilton hotel. Hilton is open to everyone no matter what they’re like. Hilton is international and is in many places around the world. Hilton has a 4.5-star rating out of a 5-star rating. Hilton is a #1 rated hotel in the U.S.
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That’s up some 39% since the company last reported earnings publicly in June 2007. It owns 4% of the hotels in its system. Hilton loyalty scheme, Hilton Honors, added six million new members in 2015. This is the brand’s highest number of enrollments ever in a single year. The number now accounts for 50 million members, who represent 52% of the occupancy for the company. Hampton by Hilton is expected to open an additional 400 hotels in the next few years, including the first KSA property, due to open in 2018. Hampton by Hilton also passed its 200,000th room milestone in 2015 and now has a pipeline of more than 50,000 rooms. Way back in 1971, a young John Lennon was lounging in one of the company’s hotels when he decided to do some brainstorming. He ended up writing the word “Imagine” on a piece of the hotel’s stationary. Some interesting information about IHOP is Brothers Al and Jerry Lapin opened the first IHOP in Los Angeles in 1958. This wasn 't their first brush with the food service industry, though. Prior to the IHOP launch, Al ran Coffee Time, a network of coffee carts that fueled sleepy office workers. He gave it all up to start the restaurant chain with Jerry, using just $25,000 in pooled capital. The brothers Lapin are most widely credited as the founders of IHOP, but the restaurant might 've tanked without two more people: Al and Trudy Kallis. The couple is credited as "early investors" on the IHOP official site, but Al calls himself a co-founder in his biography. We 'll let you figure out the appropriate terms. The man is an illustrator who created movie posters for all sorts of studios, but you should start with his sublime prints for American International Pictures. The studio released a lot of B-movies ranging from The Attack of Crab Monsters to The Astounding She Monster. As you can imagine, Kallis accompanying art is bizarre, in the best possible way. IHOP has long been known for its

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