Comparison: Cole West And Stan Hunt

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One dark snowy day there was a boy named John Webb he was born in Morgantown West Virginia. He went walking with his friends Cole West and Stan Hunt so they started to walk down the hill. But they started to come upon a guy with a dark coat but you could not see his face and so the boys just kept walking but he kept getting closer. So, they decided to go back home then they realize that he kept getting closer and closer until he started to chase them but they couldn 't get up the hill so they tried and tried with all of their hearts to make it up the hill. But they all fell back down and as soon as they looked up he was there. And so, he snatched them and took them to house out in the middle of nowhere. They could not tell where they were and all a sudden they heard a loud bang he locked them in the house nothing there but them. So, their first idea was to look for a window they found one but it was on the third floor and so they went to find something to bust out the windows because it was locked on the outside. But they kept looking and looking and so they found a little stool. So, they tried to bust a window and they finally did.…show more content…
There were two kids that are scared of heights it was Cole West and Stan Hunt they begged john to not make them but they knew they would have to because it was a matter of life or death situation because he would be back any minute now so john had Cole to go first and so he went and he hurt his ankle. Then all of a sudden, they heard a slam so they knew that he was going to get them if they didn 't hurry so Stan went next and he got the breath knocked out of him and he could not move. Then john hurried up and went to jump but the guy got his foot. So, then he tried to fight him off but the guy knocked him

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