Comparison: Differences Between Football And Baseball

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Cricket and baseball are two well-known members of the bat-and-ball games family. In general, sports from the bat-and-ball family are those in which a member of the fielding team, that has possession of the ball, delivers it to a member of the batting team which has the bat and tries to hit the ball in an attempt to score points. The points, known as runs, can be scored by hitting the ball with a bat to the boundary or by running for a certain distance after the strike. The opposite team members, who are in charge of fielding, field the ball to prevent it from scoring and put the batsman/batter out. Since both are played with a bat and ball, cricket and baseball are usually mistaken by people as a similar type of sport. Despite the similarities, these sports have many difference in playing and where they are played.
These games have several differences in playing methods. Firstly, cricket have different rule for fielding from baseball.
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The playing field for cricket is an elliptical shape, but baseball is played on a diamond shaped playing field. The pitch for cricket grounds where the batsman stand is 20.1m long and 3m wide; on the contrary, the batter's box on the baseball ground, where the batter stand, is 1.8m long and 1.2m wide. Cricket is mostly played all over the world, whereas baseball is played mostly in U.S, Canada, Japan, South Korea and some other countries.

To sum up, cricket and baseball are the most recognized and popular sports from the bat-and-ball games family. However, many people all over the world consider them as a similar type of sports, but cricket and baseball shares more differences than their similarities. Although there are a few similarities, yet cricket and baseball have many opposite strategies and rules for fielding, batting, and throwing the ball. These sports also have difference in their playing fields and both are played in different countries all over the

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