Twins At Newport Harbor Analysis

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Twins at Newport Harbor By:133144
Newport Harbor- Most kids in high school enter freshman year and beyond on their own, but for some kids they have a twin right by their side. In America 1 in 30 people you meet is a twin and fifteen percent of them are going to elementary school, middle school, or high school according to new York times parents.

“Being a twin at Newport Harbor is awful and great at the same time” explains Tristan Warmington about her experience at Newport Harbor with her twin sister Riley Warmington.

Tristan and Riley Warmington are both sophomores at Newport harbor. They are both on the Newport harbor field hockey team. Tristan and Riley are fraternal twins.
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“that is why people usually just call one of us peace most of the time”

Another thing that usually bothers a twin is being compared to one another. even though twins are almost the same person, it does not mean that they have the same personality.

both twins agree that grades and sports are the biggest thing they get compared to each other with. from friends to family they are always being compared to each other by somebody.

even though are some negatives about being a twin there are more positives to it than negatives.

“ you always have somebody supporting you” explains Chandler Pearce. Alex Pearce says that through thick or thin you always have somebody there. Chandler Pearce goes on to say that “going through schools I might have lost some friends, but I always knew that I would have a friend with me. “ It does not even matter if I moved I always had someone with me.

Both twins might have differences and similarities dislikes and likes about being twins such as always having a friend and names getting mixed’ but one thing they both can agree on and probably every twin in the world can agree on is that life could be unthinkable without a
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