Comparison Essay: Differences Between The North And The South

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The north and the south had various distinct differences from one another. They have distinct differences in their geography, economy, society, and transportation. The south is much warmer than the north. The north makes money off of factories that make household things, unlike the south. The north has more school and churches than the south. The south has fewer train tracks than the north. First and foremost, there are many distinctions between the geography of the north and south. In the south, the weather is warmer than the north. They have long hot and humid summers and mild winters with heavy rainfall. The climate is ideal for agriculture. The north is colder. It has warm summers with cold, snowy winters. The land is rocky with hills, not good for farming. People mostly raise cattle and plant in much smaller portions than the south. Adding on, the economy between the two is very different. The south earns most of its wealth from agriculture and selling crops. Farmers grow various types of crops, including cotton, tobacco, rice, sugarcane, and indigo, in large amounts. These crops are called cash crops, crops are grown to be sold or be exported for profit. The north,…show more content…
In the south, most citizens lived on farms scattered on the plains, and small farmers in the backcountry. Since the south got most of its economic wealth from agriculture, towns and industries gradually developed. Wealthy planters were the upper class and head of the south since not many people in the south had much of an education. There were very few schools and churches since neither education nor religion were organized. The north was very different from the south. In the north, there were large cities that people worked and lived in. Many boys went to school and most often the wealthy were the only ones who would go to college. Most towns had schools and churches and both religion and education were
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