Comparison: Football Vs. Soccer

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On one side of America, the crowd goes wild as the commentator screams,” GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!” while on the other side, the commentator yells,” TOUCHDOWN BEAVERS!” Soccer and football, beloved sports by both the American continents, as well as the rest of the world, are similar in many ways, yet different in others.

It could be said that soccer and football are from the same family. Soccer started out in England in 1863, and started spreading world wide. A couple years later, when it arrived in the Americas, it progressed to the game of rugby. Rugby is similar to soccer, yet you can use your hands more and tackle other players. Over the course of three years, rugby advanced to what we refer to as football. Although one evolved from the other into a different sport, many aspects of each sport remain the same. For example, soccer and football require the participant to be very physically fit as you are running 90 percent of the time. Additionally each
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In football, padded pants, shoulder pads and a helmet are worn to protect the body from injuries when players are tackled. On the other hand, shin guards are all that is worn in soccer to prevent injuries. According to neurologist Peter A. Puzio from Augusta Health Neurology declares,"Recent studies show that soccer has surpassed football. As soccer grows in popularity, so does the incidence of concussion." Football players may be acquiring more concussions, but soccer players have more severe concussions due to lack of proper protection. The ball that is used in soccer is a sphere, while on the other hand, the ball used in football is the shape of an eye or a lemon. Football goals are much bigger than soccer goals. Soccer goals are 8 X 24 feet. Football has end zones that are 30 X 160 feet with the field goal being 18.5 X 20 feet. Specific and varying equipment is necessary to both protect and allow players to move freely as needed to play
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