Comparison: Golf Vs. Basketball

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180 acres of neatly groomed grass, pools of white sand, and trickling streams make up the alluring atmosphere of golf in-which one small white ball is placed into a four-and-a-half- inch hole, from 450 yards away. One big orange ball is dribbled up and down a court and occasionally shot into a netted hoop for a point. Sweaty crowds stand and cheer and make the game of basketball exciting experience. Golf and basketball seem miles apart, but in reality are similar in many ways. Both games depend on daily mental status and can cause the games to differ day-to-day; basketball requires agility and endurance while golf is more of a mentally difficult activity. The main difference that sets these two apart is how the golfer uses the ability to overrule…show more content…
Absolutely! Both sports can differ day-to-day depending on how you feel and react to your surroundings. When you are tired in golf, you tend to get sloppy with your shots and putts, with basketball your dribbling and reaction time becomes delayed. Excitement can be a pro and a con; in golf too much emotional excitement can cause you to swing faster and make faulty decisions on shots. While in basketball, excitement and the game go hand-in-hand; who doesn’t like an exciting game of basketball. Anger can go both ways in basketball. For example, being angry can make you more aggressive and cause you to foul one to many times. Or, you can know your limits and regulate your reactions giving you a more aggressive advantage in the game. In golf, anger is only a con. Being aggressive and frustrated pushes you to temp to kill the ball, taking the joy and pleasure out of the game. Golf is more mental than physical, while basketball is more of a physical sport than mental. Although these sports have their differences, they can also have their similarities One works with logic, while the other works against it. Having your emotions impacting your day can be a pro and a con for both games. Each key point ties together to create the originality of each game giving them an edge depending on each person 's
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