Comparison Of A Pornographic Movie 'Assablanca'

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At the stag party, Peter brings a pornographic movie called ‘Assablanca’, a parody of the famous Casablanca. The masterpiece is well known in France and thus did not need any adaptation: even though ‘ass’ does not mean anything in French, the wordplay can easily be identified considering its closeness to the name of the original movie. The next morning, Peter has a hangover illustrated by two accountants, one of which asks the other what is outside their working room. The other tells him to stick to his work but the French version has added a joke to the situation, having the second man answer ‘C’est mauvais de réfléchir, c’est pas pour ça qu’on a fait des études!’. These particular moments are useful in that they make up for lost jokes throughout the episode. Peter has to go to work in spite of his headache and the name of the factory he works at, ‘Happy-Go-Lucky Toys’, is voiced-over as ‘Fabrique de jouets: Les heureux font les chanceux’. There, one of his colleagues is working on a new doll called ‘G.I. Jew’, an allusion to the famous action figure G.I. Joe, which was actually originally cut from the episode by FOX. The joke remains the same for the French audience as Jews are often mocked in target jokes (Davies 150, Zabalbeascoa, “Humor and Translation” 193). The doll, waving a bagel, asks ‘You call these bagels?’, to which the worker ironically answers that he is glad the doll is on their side. I personally did not understand this joke but it was adapted in French as

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