Comparison Of Adam And Eve In John Milton's Paradise Lost

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Adam and Eve have altered in their nature and personalities through book nine of Paradise Lost by John Milton. The content of this essay has an initial attempt to demonstrate how these two characters’ changes through the course of book nine individually and as a human couple.
Before the fall, Adam is loyal and obedient toward God. One could regard this conversation of Eve and Adam in the Garden of Eve is the first ever one on this planet. In this “argument “Adam seriously refers to the relationship with God as fealty. In this instance, one could say that Adam were had purpose to serve God by means of being faith and loyalty. Furthermore, Adam have urged Eve that no matter what he face, he would never let temptations breakdown his firmness. However, one should acknowledge the obedience Adam had for God. Adam reiterated that they should not to eat from the tree that God hath forbid. The important point made here is that Adam could have only remained steadily firm in Love, faith and loyalty towards God by obeying the rules and laws. He gave Eve a word of advice so that she knew that they should have incorruptible faith and subsist firmly against the onslaught of Satan. (52-53)
Most of the character analysis is based on the conversation and it’s became clear that Adam are a loving, caring and protective husband to his aspect concerning his love is in the way in which he speaks to Eve.He does it in endearment. “Sole Eve, associate, sole “is a direct evidence of how he
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