Comparison Of Anthem Vs. The Maze Runner

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Dystopian Complications- Anthem VS. The Maze Runner

“And if you 're not needed by you brother men, there is no reason for you to burden the earth with your bodies…”(Rand, 1.20) Dystopian literature is a type of genre that is dark and like everything has just lost all common sense. Teens are going into the dystopian fandom because it 's like the music the listen too. “Against the rules. Especially with the buggin’ doors about to close…” (16.46, Dashner) Newt, from The Maze Runner, states that the doors of the Glade. This is an example of Dystopian literature, like Anthem by Ayn Rand. Dystopian literature is popular amongst teens because kids around that age are interested in the dark, suspenseful, tension-filled books.
Love these days, that’s what teens like in Dystopian novels, but if it’s being forbidden it’s hard is to deal with. In Anthem (Ayn Rand), this quote explains why Equality has a ‘boring’ life. “For men are forbidden to take …show more content…

In this quote, Dashner explains that the boys in the Glade have never seen a girl before, and to the reader 's knowledge, they act so immaturely. “A girl? I got dibs! What’s she look like? How old is she?” (Dashner. Pg 54) Guys act so weird when around girls, but seeing one for the first time since they got to the Glade, can be even stranger. So they want to claim her and show the others that they can be tough and possibly the Alpha, or Leader, one when Alby’s gone. This quote is saying that it’s a hard life with so many problems, like survival, food sources, and finding a way out, then a girl shows up right after Thomas and everything goes downhill from there and is complete pandemonium! No doubt, love complications in both Anthem and The Maze Runner attract teens, making them even more interested in Dystopian

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