Comparison Of Barrio Boy And A Day's Wait

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Barrio Boy and A Day’s Wait are two stories about young boys. Barrio Boy tells the story of a first grader who takes on the journey of going to a new school in a different country, and he faces the struggle of having to learn a new language. At first, he feels very uncomfortable but eventually settles in once he realizes there are other kids there who are going through the same battle. A Day’s Wait is the story of a confused little boy who is sick. When he hears the doctor say his temperature is one-hundred and two he just sits and waits for his death. His dad didn’t know this and tried several attempts to cheer him up. He later found out that he was waiting for his death and why he thought he was going to die. The little boy told him he heard little boys in France say you couldn’t survive with…show more content…
Therefore you can get a pretty good image of the narrator as he goes in with the story. He also was very precise about sharing his location and what he saw.. For example when he says, “There was a sofa against the opposite wall, flanked by two windows and a door that opened to a small balcony, Chairs were set around a table and framed pictures hung on the walls of a man with long white hair and another with a sad face and a black beard” When the narrator said that, you could make a detailed picture of what the principal office was like. In A Day’s Wait, the narrator was very specific on sharing the appearance of his son, and his surroundings. Like when he gave a very detailed description of his son's appearance “He came into the room to shut the windows while we were still in bed and I saw he looked ill. He was shivering, his face was white, and he walked slowly as if it ached to move.” In that description, you could pretty much get a clear image of the boy. However both stories gave the detailed description of their surroundings and other characters, both lacked in sharing how the narrator felt, and his
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