Comparison Of Blade Runner And Forbidden Planet

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We integrate technology into our bodies, our lives and even the world around us. Even in todays society medical technological advancements such as pacemakers keep hearts pumping, and computers act as a social barrier as people are more likely to talk over social networking rather than meeting face to face. This can be seen through both my prescribed texts of Ridley Scotts “Blade runner” and William Gibson’s novel “Neuromancer” along with my related text of the 1956 film “Forbidden Planet”. “Blade Runner” directed by Ridley Scott emphasises its power as a visual medium to convey a multilayered text. The film is rich with visual metaphors and draws on various Intertextual materials. By juxtaposing the sentimental with fantasy, the director…show more content…
Forbidden planets look simultaneously backwards and forewards with the 1950’s and the future in a blend of science fiction and contemporary analysis is a challenging concept. Throughout the movie, as simple as it is, the use of music and visual effects has turned this low budget film into a creative film especially for its time. The sci-fi pop culture nearing the 60’s brought about the age of electronic music, especially after “Forbidden planet” had been introduced to the public. The arrival of the rescue mission on Altair 4 represents a form of invasion. The humans are ironically transformed into the invading aliens. Their mode of transport is even that most stereotypical of alien vehicles, the flying saucer. The true aliens and monsters in “Forbidden Planet” came not from outside but from within. The beast is out subconscious; a manifestation of our raw needs and desires, created by the alien technology of the krell it is nevertheless us. Human’s greatest fear is initially himself or herself. With the technological advancements of the film it has become clear that human weakness is emphasised how Morbius couldn’t control his id when it killed all his crew and then himself later in the film suggesting to us that his mind id to unfit and unstable for that kind of technology. Suggesting to us, just like in todays society technology…show more content…
Although these advancements can be both positive and negative I believe that technology has become a vital need for the modern era and surely a world without technology really seems very dark. But it is initially up to us for to maintain social and cultural continuity and to allow humanity to
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