Comparison Of Cinderella And Oochigeaskw-The Rough Faced Girl

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How many different versions of “Cinderella” do you think exist? There are over 700 variants of the “Cinderella” story, and they are all very unique. The French tale of “Cinderella” was written by Charles Perrault, and it is the most popular of the hundreds of variants. The less known tale called “Oochigeaskw - The Rough Faced Girl” was told through the generations of Native American people. “Oochigeaskw - The Rough Faced Girl” has similar elements from the classic “Cinderella” tale; There are rude stepsisters, an awful stepmother, magical shoes, and, of course, there’s a prince. The prince figures in the tales of “Cinderella” and “Oochigeaskw - The Rough Faced Girl” both have sincere dedication in finding a perfect spouse, but they seem to…show more content…
For example, after the Prince discovers Cinderella, “He [thought] her more beautiful than ever, and a few days later he married her” (602). The Prince barely knows Cinderella, therefore, he cannot be in love with her. His abrupt marriage to Cinderella shows that the Prince is only attracted to Cinderella’s beauty and charm. In addition, Oochigeaskw is described as “…[a] poor little girl in her strange clothes, with her face all scarred, was an awful sight…” (627). The Invisible One did not marry Oochigeaskw for her attractiveness, but because she had the ability to see past someone’s exterior and look at their hearts. The Invisible One is very unlike the Prince from Perrault’s tale in the fact that he marries his princess for her good nature. These two princes find different qualities in their princesses attractive. The Prince and the Invisible One are very driven to find true love, but there are contrasting views when it comes to their spouse’s best characteristics. They both display their enthusiasm and willingness to find their love. The Invisible One sees inner beauty in Oochigeaskw, while the Prince sees external beauty in Cinderella. In conclusion, these two characters desire a happy and everlasting marriage, like in most fairy tales, but they find happiness in their marriages in different
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