Comparison Of Cinderella And The Grimm Brothers

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“Always be a good girl, and I will look down from heaven and watch over you.” (Page 1) The Disney Cinderella was released on February 15th, 1950 but the tale told by The Grimm Brothers is a different twist on the Disney classic movie; instead of a fairy godmother and sweet, little mice running around, The Grimm Brothers wrote about a tree growing on Cinderellas mothers’ grave and with the help of tiny birds, every wish Cinderella makes comes true. The violent version of Cinderella by the Grimm Brother explains the struggle she faced trying to get away from her stepsisters but also keeping her humble and kind side looking for true love. As Cinderellas’ mother is bed sicken and preparing for death, the last words to her daughter were “Always be a good girl, and I will…show more content…
When the prince arrives at Cinderellas’ house the step sisters both try to convince the Prince the shoes belongs to each of them; one sister cuts off her toes to make her foot fit and the other cuts off her heel to fit into the gold slipper. The prince believes both sisters at first until the help of the Cinderellas’ birds, the prince realizes what they have done and the shoe does not belong to them. The birds sing “Back again! Back again! For she is not the true one that sits by thy side”. Once the prince is finished with the two evil sisters, Cinderella comes out and while taking off her dirty shoe, her foot fits perfectly into the shoe. The prince and Cinderella are finally together, the prince knows Cinderella was the mystery women he had been searching for all along since her foot fit into the shoe. Cinderella and the prince return to his kingdom and live happily ever after. While the Disney story and the fairy tale version of the stories both end with happy endings the fairy tale is written with much more graphic images than the Disney
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