Comparison Of Confessions And Dante's Inferno

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While both Augustine’s confessions and Dante’s Inferno are concerned with the individual's repentance and conversion of life, Confessions seems to be more personal and Inferno more encyclopedic. Augustine organizes his work to be about him finding who God is and his conflict for conversion. It is a biography to how Augustine found faith in Christianity and within God. Dante in the other hand, while being a character in his poem, struggles as well, looking to get to heaven but the journey he takes is an experience for the character and not the actual poet himself.
Throughout the book of Confessions, Augustine tells his story from how he remembers them, and it seems to be more personal because it is about true events that led to him to find
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So everything that the character encounters and experiences are something that the poet has not. This can be viewed to be very much encyclopedic because these fictional events that Dante faces in the poem aren’t something personal since they are not true events. The reader can view these kind of experiences to be encyclopedic because they don’t hold much value as opposed to something that is true. It is stories that consist true events that are viewed to be personal because they hold more value than a made up story. In the book of Inferno, Dante takes a journey to hell and meets the souls that are punished for their sins. It is very interesting and informative to understand the kind of punishment one would have that represents the true nature of their sin, but the reader knows that this is all fictional so it can just be taken as an informative way that fits the purpose of the poem. Augustine providing actual events; the reader can apply Augustine’s experiences with sin to his or her life.
Dante’s Inferno is viewed to be encyclopedic and not personal because the story holds no true events. We can make the assumption that It is the true events and experiences that make a story personal because they hold more value. Augustine's Confessions definitely seems personal because his stories contain actual events, one can assume that it is a big part of Augustine's life and for him to share
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