Archetypes In Scythe

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Death is Usually considered a bad thing to be lurking around your daily life but in these instances it is just another common thing that occurs daily. In Legend by Marie Lu, a girl is stealing and selling of stuff to try to earn enough money to buy the cure for the disease that her brother has. In Scythe by Neal Shusterman, The main characters have been selected to be trained as Scythes who are basically people who run around killing people because they were randomly chosen. The dystopian novels Legend and Scythe both share the similarity that they use the Hero Archetype for the main characters and use Dystopian controls, to establish the common theme that
First, Marie Lu uses the characters mood and actions to help develop the theme. In
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To continue, The author uses a paragraph to simply start to explain what is happening and try to draw the reader into the book when, the author shows this dystopian control By Saying, “We must, by law keep a record of the innocents we kill. And as i see It, they’re all innocents. Even the guilty. Everyone is guilty of something. And everyone still harbors a memory of childhood innocence, no matter how many layers get wrapped around it. Humanity is Innocent.” the author is showing the simple fact that scythes are people chosen to kill innocent people by a random method chosen by the ruler of the scythes. This craft mood is when an outside force affects the storyline in a important way . This evidence helps to show the craft mood because it is an outside force that is the main problem in this dystopian novel that the main character is trying to solve/achieve. The author uses this craft move too help support the showing of a theme that wherever you are no matter how bad you have been in the past you are going to eventually be killed by a scythe because death is always lurking in your mind both literally and mentally. In addition to my previous thoughts, The author shows the bigger problem in the story when he states in the book “You see through the facades of the world Citra Terranova. You’d make a good scythe.” “Id never want to be one.” she…show more content…
One of the comparisons of the two texts that are very similar are that both novels are based on a dystopian control in Scythe being scythes who kill randomly and grant immunity to people and in Legend the Plague which is a government created control which is used to help keep the population and maintain order in the society. This is a theme that can be used to demonstrate a life lesson of sometimes things happen that you don’t want to happen and you just have to deal with the hand that you are
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