Comparison Of Death In Legend And Scythe

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Death is Usually considered a bad thing to be lurking around your daily life but in these instances it is just another common thing that occurs daily. In Legend by Marie Lu, a girl is stealing and selling of stuff to try to earn enough money to buy the cure for the disease that her brother has. In Scythe by Neal Shusterman, The main characters have been selected to be trained as Scythes who are basically people who run around killing people because they were randomly chosen. The dystopian novels Legend and Scythe both share the similarity that they use the Hero Archetype for the main characters and use Dystopian controls, to establish the common theme that
First, Marie Lu uses the characters mood and actions to help develop the theme. In chapter one of the novel the character shows that she is trying to stop an outside force that usually causes death (the Plague) from killing her brother, but she doesn’t have a lot of time to get the money to buy the cure for her brother. “I shake my head one night a week remember?Just let me check up on them one night a week.” and “I just want to make sure there ok.” By showing that the Main character is scared for her family helps to show a connection in feelings between the main character and the family, helps the reader to be able to see that connection clearly and obviously and also helps to progress the mood and storying of this dystopian novel. Death always seems to be lurking on her mind. This evidence shows that the author used

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