Comparison Of Death In The Pardoner's Tale

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In Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer tells the story about a pilgrimage to the shrine St. Thomas Becket. This journey was one of the most popular sites visited in England. The reason they traveled to this place was to have hopes for forgiving their sins. On the voyage to the place, the Host decided to make it fun. He suggested a game that each one would tell a story. He would be the judge to say whoever the winner was. He also included that the best story told, would win a dinner that was paid by everyone else in the group. Each member draws a straw to see who would tell his story first. The first of the group to tell his tale, is the Knight. All of the characters that tell their story are different in many ways, and also so have similarities with the people inside their stories. One of the pilgrims on the…show more content…
The Host offers the Pardoner to tell his story, because, before him, the Physician told a sad tale. He wanted to primarily lighten the mood. The story begins with three men drinking at a tavern. They find out it was a friend who was killed by someone called Death. So, the three friends set out to find this man named “Death” and kill him. An old man is found upon their arrival, stating that he has been waiting for death to take him, but he hasn’t yet. Moving along, they find a tree with gold coins all around. They all decided to wait until night to take the gold. One of the men leaves to provide them with wine and food while they wait for nightfall. When arriving back into town, he buys poison and adds it to the wine. Meanwhile, the other two that stayed behind to watch the gold, decided to kill him and they would end up sharing the gold. The irony in the story comes down to all three of them dying. Therefore, the Pardoner’s moral of the story is that money is the root of all evil. The strangest thing of all is that the Pardoner is also obsessed with money, taking it from people who need it

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