Comparison Of Puritans And Deism

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In the late 16th and 17th centuries, a group of English Protestants sought a simpler way of worship. They called themselves, The Puritans. People knew them as the “reformers” who God has chosen to purify the people of the world. Many famous writers, during this time, were Puritans. Their purpose was to spread the word of God and the ideals of their faith. While many puritans roamed America, there were other religions that became apparent during this time. One of those religions was Deism, a faith Benjamin Franklin followed himself. The Deism religion was almost a complete opposite of that of Puritanism. Despite the fact that they both praised the same God, Puritans and Deists had different views and stances on different aspects in life. Puritans an Diets both have unique beliefs specific to each religion, these beliefs differ immensely from each other.
When discussing the two religions, we must compare the main aspect that defines each religion. The Puritans focused on the “righteousness and the sovereignty of God” (Bruno section 3). They believed that everyone must follow the word of the Lord or they would be condemned forever (Wigglesworth). Another Puritan belief that is specific to them is their belief that all human beings are born inherently evil. Wigglesworth explains in his poem that human beings are filled with sin and evil from the day they live their mother’s womb. They must work their whole lives to show the Lord they are worthy of salvation. They must follow the divine law down to every syllable. This path was their key to
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From their roots, to how they view the world, to how they speak of their God. For Puritans it is more of a lifestyle than just a simple religion. The faith within itself, has taken over everything about their life. But for Deist it is more of a movement that they follow. The faith of Deist does not take over their lives, but they do still follow it and believe in it to the
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