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Remembering, sickness, death, pain, fear, and family are all important roles throughout the “Devil’s Arithmetic”. These words are words that went through every Jew's head daily. Being watched every move not knowing what expect in the future. The book Devil’s Arithmetic by Jane Yolen and the movie Devil’s Arithmetic created in 1999 are both heartbreaking stories of life through the Holocaust. It all starts with a young Jewish girl and her family going to a passover meal. After dinner Hannah is transported back to the days leading to the Holocaust. She begins to feel the pain of her past family members who were sent to concentration camps during this tough time for Jews. Hannah had to take risk and put herself in danger to save other family and friends while at the camp. After Hannah is sent…show more content…
While they may have the same plot they have many smaller details that are different. In the book Hannah opens the door for Elijah to a field instead of a hall with multiple doors. In the movie Hannah just has cousins but no siblings, in the book Hannah only has a brother Aaron. Once Hannah has been transported to 1941 she meets Rivka who in the book is a friend but in the movie is her cousin. Soon after Hannah gets there she has to get ready for Schumel’s wedding, but once they get to the ceremony in the book they are taken away quickly where in the movie they get married and then are taken away. This leads to another great difference in the book they are taken away in box cars with no windows of spaces to look out of. In the movie they are riding in wagon like vehicles with a tarp over head. When they arrive at camp in the movie there are no words written on the entry fence, in the book there is a quote written largely as you drive in. Hannah loses her memory of the future after having her hair chopped off, but in the movie she still remembers stuff and mentions things every once in
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