Comparison Of Dominion Of Love And Animal Gospel

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Billions of animals are killed every year for their flesh, our amusement, and medical testing so that humans can live a better life.(DOL 7) Not only are animals killed, but the life animals live is one we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy. Is the way that we treat animals on the hands of each individual or on the hands of the church? Two books Dominion of Love and Animal Gospel give their insight on who is to be blamed for the way animals are treated. I would like to reflect on the two readings and give my personal insight to the books, however I will begin by summarizing both of the titles beginning with Dominion of Love. Dominion of Love is a book written in 2002 by Norm Phelps. Phelps begins the story by giving the reader an explanation of why he wrote the book. He draws the audience in very quickly with some quick facts about what takes place every year in the United States. Making points about how animals are killed because of the lack of homes, killed because for testing, and finally killed for our enjoyment. Later on that same page the book mentions a Nobel Prize winner Isaac Singer who shared his opinion on animal rights. Singer believes that man is the worst transgressor of all species and that all humanity are Nazis to…show more content…
The book makes many references back to the Bible up until the end of the title. The first issue that the book tackles is animal sacrifice. The bible goes on to compare how the bible talks about animal sacrifice and slavery. The book mentions that the old testament supported slavery. It later goes on to mention that if we judged by Paul’s standards today then the declaration of independence is an anti-Christian document, Hitler and Stalin were God’s ministers, and finally the holocaust was an act of God. So Phelps brings the argument back around saying that if Christians can spite the Soviet and the Nazi’s, why won’t they spite people who mistreat
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