Comparison Of Ender's Game Movie Vs Book

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When you read a book, the characters and the action are formed in your mind as you read. When you watch a film, the characters and the action are already formed for you and you watch with your eyes. Which is the better way to experience a story? Ender’s Game is the story of the future world preparing to defend itself against an invasion by aliens known as Buggers. Earth had defeated the Buggers twice before but knew they would attack again in the future. It was decided that training talented brilliant children as warriors was the only way to be prepared for the third invasion. This required young children to evaluated, selected and then taken from their families forever. Because the plot was so unreal and hard to imagine, in this case, the movie is the better way to experience this story. Two crucial elements of Ender’s Game are the family Ender would choose to leave, and his…show more content…
The conversations between Colonel Graff and Major Anderson about Ender’s progress and skills were important to the story of his development as a warrior and leader. In the book those conversations were at the beginning of each chapter and in the movie they were at appropriate places in the action, so both worked well. The characters in the movies seemed to be more likeable than they were in the novel. You felt that you knew them better than reading about them in the novel. The war games, mind games, and the final battle were much more vivid in the movies. Special effects are powerful in any movie, but they were especially important in this movie as the scenes were so different from our experiences. The novel described the scenes, but the movie made you feel the emotions more strongly. This was really true in the final “game” when Ender realized he had just wiped out an entire
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