Comparing Equality And Crowley In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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The differences between Equality, a hero of individuality and freedom, and Crowley, a demon straight from Hell, are as antonymic as one would suspect. Equality, from Anthem by Ayn Rand, is a heroic protagonist facing off against forces that wish to crush his individuality, forcing him towards a collective “We”. Crowley, a major protagonist in Good Omens, written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, is about as similar to Equality as fast is to slow, only sharing the least tangential of connections. Equality constantly grows as a hero for individuality throughout Anthem, with Anthem ending as he starts to spread this “new” way of thinking to others. Crowley’s main goal in Good Omens is to halt the incoming apocalypse, constantly growing as a person while doing so. While Equality and Crowley have many contrasting qualities, and few concurrent qualities, only one of each has been debated below. One of the many contrasting qualities of Equality and Crowley is how thoughtful they are of others against how thoughtful they are of themselves. Throughout Anthem, Equality wishes to spread his knowledge to others without…show more content…
As soon as he discovers electric lighting, he writes in his journal, “We can light our tunnel, and the City, and all the Cities of the world with nothing save metal and wires. We can give our brothers a new light, cleaner and brighter, than any they have ever known.” (Rand 60). Equality’s selflessness is exemplified when he wishes to share his light, one he believes he’s created and tamed by himself, for the betterment of the world. Throughout Anthem, Equality helps others and wishes to share his knowledge to others. Though Equality starts Anthem with no knowledge of selfishness, raised in a society that forces all to work for the good of all, he ends Anthem by wishing to liberate those oppressed by the lies of the
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