Feminism In The Glass Castle

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Register to read the introduction…In The Glass Castle Jeanette is a very strong female character determined to make a better life for herself so she decides to move to New York and achieve her dreams. Eventually she achieves her goal and is now an independent person. She strives to leave the past behind her as soon as she can. She says to them, “I’ll be gone. In less than three months, I’m leaving for New York City” (Walls 238). This is evidence that Jeanette is taking a stand for her own life because she achieves what she has claimed she would and she does it knowing she has nothing to her name, not a penny to spare, and depending on nobody. Jeannette also takes a stand for herself within this novel by calling out Rose’s mistakes. At one point Jeannette says to Rose, “If you want to be treated like a mother, you should act like one” (Walls 219). Jeannette not only stands up for herself but also for her siblings. She calls Rose out for not raising the kids. By doing so it allows Rose to realize that she is not motherly and she needs to get her life togeth-er in order for her kids have a brighter future, and to help herself. Jeanette speaks her mind and so does Anna from the Fitzgerald family. Anna is a strong female character from My Sister’s keeper. Similar to The Glass Castle, Anna is also taking a stand for herself. In My Sister’s Keeper Anna has her own battles and takes on a fight for…show more content…
In the first novel The Glass Castle, the father, Rex Walls is the one who creates the drama in his family. He is a negative influence for the children and his actions are unacceptable and because of his action are what creates the drama. For exam-ple at one point in the novel Rex tries to run Rose over with his car while she is pregnant and his kids witness everything, Jeanette states, “We shot forward toward Mom, who screamed and jumped out of the way. Dad turned around and went for her again” (Walls 43). Since Rex is not being sensible with the situation, and is acting poorly it creates a dysfunction in the family be-cause everyone is constantly fighting. Rex is also an alcoholic which leads too many family issues because when under the influence Rex does not act like himself and starts trouble with Rose. At one point the children witness their mom hanging out of a window and she claims that Rex has pushed her out, Rose states, “ He tried to kill me,” (Walls 72). The incident involving Rose and Rex getting physical creates a stir in the family because sides are being formed and depending on which side the kids believe in it creates tension for the whole family. Therefore, creating drama because arguments occur over the topic. Rex is not alone when it comes to creating tension in the family because Jesse in My Sister’s Keeper also has a
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