Ferrero Spa Marketing Strategy

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Who doesn’t enjoy chocolate? It proves one of the most popular commodities in the world and has been as such for decades signified by Ferrero SpA who is coming into its 69th year of operation. As an Italian producer of branded chocolate and confectionery it has a rich history and currently occupies 3rd position as largest producer of chocolate and confectionery products in the world today. This stature coming from such humble begins as Ferrero began operations as simply a small bakery in Italy. It’s clear to see that Ferrero didn’t acquire such a prestigious spot in world terms without taking extreme ventures spanning many markets across the world. This is evident in the expansion of the Ferrero firm into Asian market. This was not without its challenges and risks as the Asian market has been shown to be a dangerous market for firms to move into and succeed as massive firms such as Google and EBay failed to adapt and dramatically fled from the market. This is far removed from Ferrero
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In Asia, Ferrero is sold at an astronomical price in contrast to their competitors. This is primarily seen in their compresence with Cadbury, the largest supplier of chocolate confectionaries in both India and the World. An example of this being that a 300g of Ferrero Rocher will cost in India ₨675.00 whereas Cadbury Dairy Milk silk 250g will only cost ₨275.00. In terms of Rupees this is a vast difference as Ferrero Rocher proves to be over twice as expensive as Cadbury good. This show how much of a premium product Ferrero Rocher has proved itself to be. This all while maintaining a 5% stake in the Indian chocolate industry ranking them 3rd overall in the country. The contrast in ‘premium’ is truly symbolised when the average income of an Indian worker is taken into account. The average Indian worker has a yearly salary of ₨233,639.93 in 2009 (International Labour

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