Comparison Of Ford And Chevrolet

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Comparison of the Ford and Chevrolet The USA became a land for dozens of carmakers. Most of them had a short lifespan, but there are several examples of companies that appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, survived to nowadays and retained popularity. Ford Motor Company (Ford) and Chevrolet are in this list. While companies have many general similarities, they also demonstrate differences in their history and present conditions. Both companies are located in Michigan and were created at the beginning of the 20th century (1903 and 1911 respectively). They were named by last names of their founders. However, while Henry Ford was an initiator in his case, Louis Chevrolet was only a co-founder. The Swiss race car driver, who gave name to the company, was invited by William C. Durant. The man was forced to leave his post as a director of General Motors because of failed financial decisions. There is another basic difference between companies. Ford was created as an independent manufacturer; and Chevrolet appeared as a part of GM. The company is an economically off-line department, but still is a part of bigger corporation. Ford also was an example of the “family manufacturing”; it was founded by Henry Ford and his sons and grandsons were in charge in different years. Ford and Chevrolet became a face of the American automobile manufacturing. This status includes companies’ emblems. Chevrolet shows more interesting story of the label’s origin than its rival. Ford’s emblem

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