How To Be Friends With Someone Who Is Different From You Essay

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It can be good to be friends with someone who is different from you. “Chester’s Way’’ by Kevin Henkes is a book that shows that you can be friends with someone who is different from you. Chester and Wilson are two mice who are close friends. They do everything together. At first, when Lilly moves into the neighborhood, she was not accepted by Chester and Wilson because she was different. However, Lilly did not care what people think of her. She ended up helping Chester and Wilson overcome being hassled by some older children. At that moment, they accepted her friendship. Lilly then shows Chester and Wilson many adventurous ways of doing things, and they also show Lilly their way of doing things. For example, Lilly teaches them how to pop wheelies and talk backward, while they show her how to double-knot her shoes and use hand signals. They learned from each other, and that being different is good. Being different does not just mean being unlike everyone else; instead, it means you have your own sense of style and you are unique and special in your own way. If everyone was the same, the…show more content…
We can make a change on how we look at people who are different from us. As humans we tend to think people are weird because they do not look or dress like us, but God made us different. Yes, friends can be different! Some people think that friends have to be the same as themselves. However, you do not have to change for others to like you. Neither should you try to change people or change yourself because God created us uniquely in His image. Chester’s Way by Kevin Henkes, shows that it can be good to have friends who are different. Even though Lilly was different, her differences made her special, and that is what made her a good friend. Although Chester and Wilson did not accept Lilly at first, she remained loyal to who she was. Later, they accepted her differences and they became good

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