Comparison Of George Milton In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.” In John Steinbeck’s Of Mice And Men, George Milton and Curley’s wife both have dreams that will not come true. One character who never accomplished was George Milton. George has a dream about running his own ranch with Lennie but Lennie keeps getting in the way by getting in trouble. (Steinbeck 11). ‘Lennie said, “George.” “Yeah?” “I done another bad thing.” “It don’t make no difference,” George said, and he fell silent again. (Steinbeck 103). Lennie messed up by killing Curley’s wife on accident and now George finally realizes that with Lennie around he won’t accomplish his dream. ‘Lennie said, “Oh! That’s nice,” and he stroked harder. “Oh, that’s…show more content…
Curley’s Wife wanted to be a movie star and to go to Hollywood to be successful. She wanted to be able to afford pretty clothes and to have a better life than the one she’s living right now. (Steinbeck 88). “He says he was gonna put me in the movies. Says I was a natural. Soon’s he got back to Hollywood he was gonna write to me about it.” She looked closely at Lennie to see whether she was impressing him. “I never got that letter,” She said. (Steinbeck 88). Curley’s wife talked to a man and he said that she was a natural movie star and that she would make it far in the Hollywood. The man told her that he was going to write a letter to her but he may have never sent one because she never got one. “I always thought my ol’ lady stole it. Well, I wasn’t gonna stay no place where I couldn’t get nowhere or make something of myself, an’ where they stole your letters. I ast her if she stole it, too, an’ she says no. So I married Curley. Met him out to the Riverside Dance Palace that same night.” (Steinbeck 88). She thinks her mother stole it but it might have just been that the man was just trying to hit on her by telling her she could be in the movies. She married Curley because she didn’t have a chance of being famous. Curley’s wife wanted to be a movie star but she did not put in the effort so she never got that better life she
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