Comparison Of Google's Theory X And Y

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Theory Xand Y
There is another theory called Theory X and Y using which, we can classify Googles organizational culture using these two different parts. These are two different leadership styles used by various managers.
Theory X states that managers are autocratic and dictate all the work to the works as they feel that it is human tendency to avoid work and avoid responsibilities given to the employees and so if they perform the task themselves the quality of work will be poor. They believe that employees are work shy and they have a ready made excuse for failure. The managers only fulfill their minimal needs which, are the physical needs.
Whereas in contrast Theoy Y states that managers are democrats and they let the workers do their own
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Inc. This has even proved to be a great motivator for them as they feel more planted and secured now and they know they can succeed further in their work as they have new sets of skills now. Google. Inc bears all the costs of education its employees gain. This motivates them to keep learning without having to worry about their financial status. Google. Inc does not only train employees with new skills of work, they have tons of training classes which include professional development, personal development etc. As it develops Google’s employee's personality, the employees will feel more confident now in many ways, for ex they will be able to talk to their clients more confidently now and this a very big motivating factor for…show more content…
Inputs include effort, commitment, loyalty and skill. Outputs include financial rewards, sense of achievement and security and recognition
Adams said that employers should try to achieve a fair balance between the amount of input from the employees and the output they get out of it, because if the input is higher the employees themselves will try to balance it out which will lead to loss. When balance is reached employees themselves will consider it as fair treatment.
Here at Google. Inc it is very clear that there is a balance between the amount of output and input which keeps the employees motivated all the time. They get good poise and a lot of fringe benefits for ex the sleeping pads or unlimited sick leave etc.
Daniel Pink
Dane pink suggested that there are three elements of intrinsic motivation: autonomy, mastery and purpose. If employees are paid fairly this trio is the next step for self satisfaction at work and motivation

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