Comparison Of H And M, Forever 21 And The Hudson's Bay

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There is great opportunity for variety in success. H and M, Forever 21 and The Hudson’s Bay are all successful retail stores that can be found in major malls nation-wide; yet, these stores vary greatly in the aspects of store organization, product offerings, target markets and marketing strategies. The physical organization of a retail store includes considerations such as size and layout, that will determine the overall atmosphere of the store and the type of consumer that it attracts. H and M stores are typically large, at times with multiple floors and are divided into sections based on target markets and product lines. For example, the Toronto Eaton Centre H and M location has three floors. The basement houses their children’s clothing …show more content…

The floors are further organized through division of clothing based on lines, such as Divided. Racks near one another are stocked with products from the same line. Small items, such as socks and nail polishes, wrap around the line-up area by the cash registers. Forever 21 is organized in a similar way to H and M. Forever 21 stores are large, and products are grouped together based on lines, such as Forever 21 Contemporary. Unlike H and M stores, however, Forever 21 stores are often more clearly divided into sections for certain lines with physical barriers, such as walls, creating separate room-like areas. They also feature trinket-like items displayed near their cash registers. The Hudson’s Bay differs from H and M and Forever 21 in organization in a significant way. The stores are always multiple stories, often up to seven or eight, while even the largest H and M or Forever 21 is about four stories. Due to the size of the stores, they usually contain elevators and always have multiple groups of cash registers, unlike H and M and Forever 21. The products are organized …show more content…

H and M offers men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, accessories and home décor. They offer a range of styles for different events, from underwear and loungewear to evening dresses and formal suits. On occasion, they team up with a world-famous designer to provide very formal clothing options, but this happens infrequently. Forever 21 offers all of the same types of products as H and M, except for home décor. They too offer clothing of varying levels of formality, including everyday clothing and clothing marketed to be worn for a fancy event. The only standout difference in offerings of the two stores is that Forever 21 does not sell any type of home décor. The Hudson’s Bay offers everything that H and M and Forever 21 offer, but much more, as well. In addition to all of the same types of clothing, they offer clothing for much more formal occasions, designed by world-renowned designers, year-round. Their formalwear offerings are much more extensive than the other two stores, as are their home décor offerings. In addition, The Bay offers appliances, furniture and electronics, unlike the other two

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