Comparison Of 'Half-Walls Between Us And Body Farm'

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In “Half-Walls Between Us,” and “Body Farm” both Greg Smith and Maria Said, the authors, of the two stories write vivid descriptions to describe their surroundings and events. In addition, being descriptive in their story helps the audience be able to imagine what the author is writing about. Moreover, imagery helps the readers feel like they are standing where the author’ writing is referring to. Moreover, the story “Body Farm” aids readers most in making them feel they can see the picture that Greg is drawing for them. One quote of Greg’s use of vivid description is “The outside fence is chain-link, six feet high…fresh razor wire tangles along its top…backed by…wooden ”modesty“ fence similar to one that…separate your backyard…except that this barrier hides three acres” (Smith 136). Therefore, when writing this with descriptive words, Greg is helping the audience overall be able to imagine themselves in his shoes looking forward at the body farm. In addition, Greg also uses a comparison to explain his descriptions of the body farm, which it helps the readers be able to relate to something else they’ve seen and put it into the image that he’s painting.…show more content…
While Maria’s story helps the audience understand events and circumstances she went through and how she felt, but the readers didn’t truly get any powerful imagery of what she was seeing. Greg’s anecdote does help readers be able to see through his eyes as if they were their own eyes, and also understand the events that are playing out in the story. Moreover, Greg’s story doesn’t just help the audience understand certain events but also be able to walk through events in his shoes. In addition, Greg is able to do this by writing with an almost life-like description that compares to certain objects and imagery that explains exactly he is
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